Charcuterie & Sandwich Board


This handcrafted charcuterie & sandwich board is the perfect pairing for your culinary creations. It is ideal for both preparing and presenting as it is as practical as it is beautiful. We have proudly partnered with C.O.T.S. (The Coalition on Temporary Shelter) here in Detroit, so as you use your one-of-a kind cutting board to prepare meals and entertain in your home you are also helping provide an entire day's worth of food for a whole family in Detroit.

The charcuterie board is constructed using reclaimed wood from Deconstructed Detroit homes.

After the final sanding each board is soaked in mineral oils for 24 hours and then allowed to air dry for an additional 24 hours. A final, all natural wax is then used to seal and protect each piece before it is shipped to your door.

[approx. 7 1/2″x15″x3/4″]

*Each board is made using reclaimed wood and has a lot of historical value and character in its imperfections. Because of the nature of reclaimed wood, your piece will be unique and different from every one else's and may not be an exact match to the pictures shown.